Starting vegetable oil with vegetable fats production in 2007, Lidersan Gida produces untouched quality and safe food with the latest technology. Our goal is to ensure the satisfaction of our customers by producing quality and safe food according to national and international norms while constantly meeting the needs and expectations of our consumers.

Lidersan Gida increased its oil production which was 55,000 tons / year in 2007, to a capacity of 180,000 tons / year in 2013 with new investments.

In 2010, sauce, beverage preparation and filling plant has been commissioned. In 2012, package margarine production was started and product range has continued to expand in 2013 with industrial margarine production. Specific vegetable margarines formulated under Altunsa Professional brand for food industry, particularly hotels, restaurants and businesses for home consumption, such as catering companies; bakeries and the bakery manufacturing; biscuits, cakes, chocolate manufacturers aims to be indispensable for international cuisine.

In line with all these purposes, all raw materials used in production are presented to our the consumers after making analyses in our laboratory equipped with latest technology equipment by quality assurance unit during the process from entry into factory until the shipment. Apart from this, while our analyses are supported by independent accredited international organizations GMO testing are also being carried out. As Lidersan Gida, none of our products contain GDO. Lidersan Gida has TS EN ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and Halal Food certification.

Lidersan Gida, which adds delicacies to world cuisine with its Sunflower oil, olive oil, margarine and sauces production (Lemon Sauce, Pomegranate Flavored Sauce, Vinegar), proudly carries Turkey’s name in the domestic market and in a great area from Africa to Central Asia in the foreign market by its products under Altunsa brand name.

Lidersan Oil Factory

  • Annual Production Capacity:
  • 180,000 tons / year Refined Vegetable Oil Production
  • 220,000 tons / year Vegetable Oil Filling
  • 10,800 ton/year Sauce Production
  • Machinery Park: 8 Filling Line